The Benefit To You

  • Avoid inefficiency. Avoid the tasks that you shouldn’t be focussing on but are still critical to keep your business running. No more areas of your business falling behind resulting in loss of business and delay in reaching key business goals. No more losing your weekends trying to play catch up.
  • Flexible. Imagine a business where you can build an agile team around you that ensures you are only ever managing the tasks that are best suited to your personal skills and interests.
  • Experts on hand. Utilise our network to gather around you the experts you need for your current project.
  • Reduce Costs. Imagine not being tied to mundane tasks or tasks you don’t know how to do. Not having to put more staff on payroll for temp work. Not having to invest into training programs. Not having to build more office spaces. The cumulative costs for these things far outweigh the cost to have efficient remote experts assisting you as you need them. 


Got a few projects in the pipeline? We’ll help you manage them. We use different project management tools and other applications and then make them work together to create a seamless process and ensure that your project is on track.

What We Can Do


  • Content Writing and Proofreading. Partnering with EZE means your business has access to writers who can produce unique and compelling content. Our VAA’s know how to research a topic, study an audience, revise their tone, disseminate information and turnover copy efficiently.
  • Reports: Sales & Analytics. Have sales reports and Google Analytics delivered to you according to a schedule of your choosing.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. Acquire a VA who is an SEO expert and can help you boost web traffic, sales numbers according to the strategy you provide. If you don’t have a strategy then we can assign a virtual assistant to help you develop one.
  • Buyer Journey Analysis. Have one of our VA’s investigate the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider, evaluate, and decide to purchase your product or service. This can be extremely helpful in identifying problems and improving systems.


What We Can Do


  • Social Media Customer Service Responder. Maintain a great customer service track record with prompt and helpful responses to incoming messenger enquiries.
  • Social Media Posts. Creating content to share on your social media accounts. Engaging with your followers to keep up the social aspect of this method of marketing.
  • Social Media Reports Analysis. Providing you valuable insights to ensure your social media strategy involves listening to your followers and their behaviour patterns.
  • Facebook Ads. The Facebook Ads Manager platform can be intimidating, but if used right, it can bring a lot of growth and success to your business. We can help you run campaigns to figure out your audience, and then schedule campaigns to target your audience based on the data we have acquired.


What We Can Do


  • Graphic Design. Follow this link to our dedicated page to showcase our folio. If you don’t see anything that matches what you want, send us an email and we can track down the perfect VA to meet your requirements.
  • Video and Audio Editing. Needing to improve a Webinar, YouTube video, Podcast , or something similar? We have a range of VA’s who are qualified sound engineers or experienced post production editors to assist you.
  • Email Marketing. Nurture your contact list and keep them on the loop by sending them regular emails that have value. We can help you automate this process with our knowledge of the most efficient email marketing tools.
  • Customer Survey Management. Learning what your customers think about your products, services and brand are essential to any business. We have VA’s to design, integrate, monitor and report on valuable customer insight data.


What We Can Do

  • Customer Thank You Note Management. A highly valuable part of your sales pipeline are the people who’ve already purchased something from you. When customers feel unappreciated they can move to another brand. Protect your brand’s loyalty. If you can say thank you in the right way, you can cement a customer relationship and potentially secure future business. We have VA’s for handwritten notes and digital messaging.
  • Client Relation Systems Management, Technical Support and Reporting. We have VA experts for software like Active Campaign,, Hubspot, Netsuite, Zendesk, Freshdesk, LiveAgent and Zoho.
  • Cloud Storage Organisation. Has your Dropbox or Google Drive become a source of frustration? Have you found yourself wasting time trying to locate things too many times in a day but don’t have a day to properly organise it all? This is not uncommon. We can help with that.
  • Training Manual Document Management. If you’re needing assistance  to make sure that staff complete their learning of training manuals.

Efficient Support For You

  • Communicative. Because we work remotely, we make sure that we communicate with you in a timely manner so you are up-to-date with the administrative side of your business.
  • Dependable. We know how much you value your business. When we work with you, we enter into a non-disclosure agreement so your business assets are protected. You can trust us to keep the confidential aspects of your company private.
  • Innovative. We never stop learning. We are constantly in search of better and easier ways to achieve tasks, goals, and objectives. We suggest new technologies and strategic ways to improve your processes.