SEO in Tweed Heads

Why SEO?

It’s simple. More than 70% of consumers begin their buying journey through a search engine. And, 90% of those that search on Google don’t check the second page. This is why it’s important that your site appears on the first page and ideally, the first rank on the list.

  • More organic traffic. If your website is more visible on search engines, then you’ll get more clicks on your website. Moreover, this organic traffic will stay if you have valuable content.
  • More high-quality leads. If your pages are optimized and they are in search listings, then you’ll have a higher chance of getting hot leads, especially during the high-intent searches.
  • More brand awareness. With your website being on search engines, your visitors will be more exposed to your brand personality. This is one reason why it is important that web design and SEO work together.

What We Offer

Local SEO

Domination starts small. We help you achieve competitive advantages with local SEO.

  • Local Search Page Optimisation
  • Google My Business management
  • Citation Management
  • Local Targeting content
  • Campaigns to gain reviews

SEO Architects

Our SEO architects analyse a website’s technical factors that impact its rankings.

  • Research
  • Reports
  • Project Preparation
  • Budgeting

SEO Engineering

Our SEO engineers work off the SEO architect’s blueprint for:

  • Improved Code Efficiency
  • Increased Visibility
  • Enhanced Keyword Relevancy
  • Improved Rankings
  • Efficient User Experiences
  • Increased Page Speed

SEO isn’t a one-track task

You need to be traveling many roads at the same time if you want to get the full benefit of it. It can be complex and difficult, yet highly rewarding – especially when you can start to see the sales leads it brings to your business. 

As multi-dimensional as SEO can be, there are phases of its implementation that should be implemented in a certain order to maximise on the investment of paying someone to execute this service for you. Here are five essential phases to implement of SEO: 

Crawl accessiblity

Before anything, you need to make sure that your website can be crawled and indexed by search engines. Crawlability and indexability are vital in improving your websites’ rankings on search engines – essentially, these functions trace the content, pages and links in your website and feeds this information back to the search engine. It is important to ensure every link to every page in your site, both internal and external, is linking correctly. Any faults, and your sites’ search engine ranking will be greatly harmed. 

Let EZE take the hassle out of ensuring your website is both crawl and index accessible. There are a number of factors which can either help or hinder the crawl accessibility of your website, and our team of experts will review your site with a fine-tooth comb to enable the best search engine results possible.

User experience

User experience, or UX, has gained increasing acknowledgement for its importance in recent years – so much so, that the latest algorithms used for search engines place an emphasis on user experience. 

For a website to be successful, it not only needs to be informative, but must also be designed in a way that keeps the experience of the user at the forefront. There are seven key pillars that must be kept in mind when creating an easy and ideal user experience in your site. Your website should be: 

  • useful 
  • usable 
  • findable 
  • credible 
  • desirable 
  • accessible, and 
  • valuable. 

It sounds simple enough in a short list, but these concepts cover a number of details that must be addressed in order for your site, and your business, to succeed. 

Or, option two: you can take the guesswork out of it and let EZEcommerce manage the design and logistics of your site to ensure an easy-breezy and ideal user experience. The world has enough headaches – don’t make your website one of them.

Keyword Optimisation

Keywords are the words and phrases in your content that enable people to find your site when using search engines. If your site is search engine optimised, then the keywords used in your content will match the search terms being plugged into search engines – and your site will appear higher in the rankings. Keywords that are intelligently placed in titles, URLs and descriptions will increase click-through rates in the rankings, as search engines will look to these first. 

Gone are the days of listlessly placing keywords anywhere on the website. Keyword stuffing is a big NO-NO. To be successful, keywords should be blended in with your content in a natural way. 

EZE customers have websites with content that is intentionally structured and created to seamlessly include keywords in a natural way. 

With EZE, we intentionally structure and create content for your website that will seamlessly include keywords in a natural way. Our customers can sit back with ease, knowing that their site will be geared to give them every possible opportunity for success.

Compelling Content

Research proves that compelling, interesting and informative content is the best key to ensuring a reduction in people clicking away from your pages and an increase in people determining your page as valuable.  Search engine optimised content has been called the “heart and soul of effective optimisation” – clearly, it’s an important feature! 

Content for a successful website must be interesting and informative, but it needs to be compelling as well. That is, the content on your website needs to understand the search intent for each person coming to the site.

A search intent looks at why a person is making that search – what kind of information are they looking for? Are they wanting to make a purchase? Maybe it’s a tutorial video they’re in need of. Knowing the search intent of your viewers enables the content of your website to be written and presented in a compelling way that responds to the question your customer is asking. If your content is prepared in this way, your rankings on search engines will increase and your business will begin to reap the rewards of SEO.

What the customer is looking for should change the way you present the content on your site. But how do you know the search intent of your future customers? Leave it to EZE. No, we’re not mind readers (yet!) but our industry experts are well-versed in understanding the search intent of your customers, and will provide invaluable suggestions as to how your website should be presented in order to best meet these needs. 

Whatever the reason for their search, make sure your website provides the answer. With EZE, you can.

Schema markup optimisation

If you can improve click through rates then law of averages would tell you that conversions would follow suit. Taking measures to increase leads and sales is a no-brainer for business owners when it comes to investing into that which improves the bottom line. Schema markup is one of those measures.

Schema markup optimisation is about getting your pages more visible to the kind of searchers that would find your page’s content valuable. Being able to better match content to user intent is key to effective SEO and conversion marketing strategies.

SEO is dynamic

Here at EZE, we know the techniques that go behind all these aspects and we are confident that we can deliver the results to you in a simple and no-fuss way. For an SEO service that handles the heavy lifting and doesn’t clutter your mind with confusing jargon, contact us to set up one of our monthly SEO service packages, all with no lock in contracts.