Three Reasons Why Every Therapist Should Have Their Own Website

Jan 7, 2021

Three Reasons why every therapist should have their own website

In recent decades, Australian societies have begun to do away with much of the stigma that used to surround mental illness or visiting a counsellor, or psychologist. The importance of community connections and social interactions has been highlighted now more than ever as we’re physically separated from friends and family during this pandemic.

There’s never been a more appropriate, or needed time to move your services online. Here are three benefits to creating your own website as a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist:

Accept Online Bookings

One of the benefits of having a website is being able to set up a page where your clients can book online appointments easily. This is helpful for clients who have difficulty calling or going to your physical location to book a session. This setup will not only save you time, and make things a lot easier for your clients – it will also increase your chances of taking on more clients! Phoning to make an appointment is more difficult to do during business hours. Plus, there’s every chance you will be busy with a client! Online appointment bookings means your clients can make an appointment at the exact moment they remember to book it. Meaning you’re likely to be nice and busy! You will be able to set certain questions at the time of booking too, so you’re able to get a gauge for how the client is feeling, or what they might want to talk about. Creating a system for online bookings makes it easier for everyone.

Facilitates Remote Consultation

Before 2020, video chats were reserved for catching up with family members who had moved far away. In these times, they’ve become a daily norm for seeing friends! Your website can have a portal to accept online consultations with people who prefer to reach out this way. This can have a remarkable benefit to your business through a website as it enables you to have sessions with clients who either don’t live locally, or are unable to visit due to pandemic restrictions. This widens the net of potential clients and has the potential to grow your business!

Introduces You To The Public

Counselling is a personal and vulnerable experience. By listing your services online, you can highlight your experiences, a little about yourself and can create a testimonial page from past and current clients. By listing this information on the website, people searching for a counsellor will be able to learn more about you and gain confidence in booking a session.

As you can see by now, having a website for a therapist like you can present several benefits to your business. Make sure to look for an expert to help set up everything you need to have a great website. Remember that your website designs should be consistent with your brand story. If you need to learn about website designs and brand story, check out our resources, here.



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