Social Listening and LinkedIn – The Benefits of Professional Networking

Jan 6, 2021

LinkedIn found its advent as a professional platform connecting individuals, employees, professionals, and businesses under common interests. Today, it is one of the top-performing social media channels for the B2B business models. It is the biggest platform for the leaders from the Fortune 500 companies spending maximum time sharing insights.

About 500 million users also post valuable articles on market trends and related activities. This makes LinkedIn a rich platform for Social Listening. With a vast majority of the like-minded, business-oriented audience, you can easily cut to the chase and identify your customers’ key interests.

What is social listening?

Before delving deeper into the whole idea of social listening and how it helps you gain insights by asking questions of each other, we need to understand what social listening is. 

Social Listening is identified as the process of monitoring the different social media channels for references and mentions of your brand, products, competitors, and much more. Technology helps you keep track of your brand and products on social media without an extensive lookout. 

So, with social listening, you can:

  • Keep track of the happenings surrounding your brand.
  • Keep track of the mentions on the different social media platforms. 
  • Understand and set the tone, reach, and influence of the different social messages. 
  • Identify trends by analysing the relevant data.
  • Generate aggregated reports and share the final picture with your clients and associates.

How will Social Listening on LinkedIn help your business?

LinkedIn is the hub of business-oriented discussions and professional networking. Your LinkedIn profile gives the viewers a clear first impression of your work-life. This is the first stage where you can start influencing people and enhance your business’s scope as an innovator and leader. 

The next step, however, focuses on the marketing tactics of the business. At this step, you can monitor the metrics of your LinkedIn activities. Some of these activities include audience engagements, likes, shares, connections to your business account, an increase in the numbers of followers, and so on. 

LinkedIn social listening is also useful to fetch the analytics of your posts and the different trending topics. By monitoring and tracking these details, you will have a fair understanding of your audience base and strategise your future content accordingly. 

By monitoring and researching your audience’s interests, you can culminate and strategise your future content accordingly. The more relatable content you can put in, the better are your chances of increasing your followers and generating brand visibility.

Understanding your employees and associates

Social Listening helps create strong marketing decisions; it also creates a massive impact on its recruitment processes. Professional networking bridges the gap between employers and candidates. While most of the employers take up to LinkedIn to post their job vacancies, the candidates in their connections can check up these posts and respond accordingly. 

Also, the scenario can very well be justified with regards to the candidates where they can post their need of looking for a job, and the prospective employers can reach out to them. So, LinkedIn is also a platform that has connected thousands of companies with the right candidates for different job roles. 

From setting up specific search filters to finding that right candidate matching the criteria or tracking what the current employees are thinking, social listening has been extremely helpful towards employer branding.

The Final Words

It can rightfully be said that Social Listening is the perfect solution to many of your requirements. Right from offering the best online reputation management to social selling or offering terrific influencer marketing and employer branding, it benefits your business in a wide range of ways. If you want to gain significant insights into professional networking and ask questions, get accustomed to the process as much as you can.



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