Essential Tips To Manage Your LinkedIn Page Successfully

Dec 10, 2020

LinkedIn has the attributes to help B2B companies make connections and conversations with target industries and generate leads on a larger-scale. Your LinkedIn page should be telling a great story to gain more followers. However, the relaunched version of LinkedIn added an assortment of innovative and upgraded features that ease the LinkedIn page management process for B2B marketers. 

As a company page manager, you will be accountable for driving the success of your brand on the said social media platform. This article will provide you with a quick brush up on how to manage a LinkedIn company page.




Essential guidelines on LinkedIn management:

Whether it is a startup or a 60,000-employee enterprise, the core responsibilities of content creation and distribution should be the same for a social media page manager. By following our refined tips on LinkedIn Management, you can grasp the entire process thoroughly. Let’s start. 

  • Provide complete information on the page:
    This is the first step to follow and being thorough has its rewards. Somehow, many companies forget to update several mandatory details like physical address, company, or industry size. According to LinkedIn, the business pages with complete information get 30% extra weekly traffic. Consider filling in the information below:
    1. Company logo and cover image
    2. Tagline
    3. Website URL
    4. Company address, contact number
    5. Describe the company’s Vision, Mission, and Value.
    6. Business type and size
    7. Foundation year
    8. Mention any specialities
    9. Add Custom Call-To-Action Buttons

    Remember to optimise the company LinkedIn page for Search Engine Optimisation purposes particularly, and infuse a couple of keywords within the about section and tagline as your company website.

  • Set up page admin and governance guidelines:
    Setting up multiple admins and governance guidelines likewise for your page is a convenient way to avoid headaches. By establishing governance guidelines, you can better manage a LinkedIn profile. If you’re leading a team, be sure to address the individual roles and responsibilities and the content publishing process while setting up the guidelines. Also, make everyone aware of the different communication protocols before and after posting. Howbeit, with LinkedIn’s new flexible page functionality, you can manage your company page fairly easy from a mobile phone.
  • Design an explicit social media calendar:
    We cannot deny the effectiveness of the Social Media Calendar to track current and upcoming LinkedIn content and activities. The social calendar is a typical spreadsheet in a calendar format, which does not need to be specific for LinkedIn. The calendar columns may include publishing date, hyperlink, content owner, photo assets, approval status, organic or paid campaigns, etc.
  • Find & share content:
    Find and publish third-party content to grab excessive traffic like the best B2B (business-to-business) social media accounts do. Though there are dozens of content curation tools available, searching for appropriate content is a challenge. Here’s why. These tools sometimes do not perform up to the mark or do not deliver content as you expect. Most of the content curation tools search a closed list of sources and do not show the result of other content sources that are floating on the web. Besides this, you have to filter the content manually, and these tools do not provide a hashtag searching option or other search parameters. You can use LinkedIn’s “Content Suggestions”- an intriguing content curation tool. You can easily filter content by industry, country, or by other demographics. As a content manager, you should be willing to invest in premium quality content research tools.
  • Post on LinkedIn frequently:
    The organisations who post at least once a week notice a 2x lift in engagement, according to LinkedIn. LinkedIn also claims that if an organisation posts around 20 times in every month, that company will reach up to 60% of their targeted audience.


EZEcommerce, your helping hand:

A LinkedIn business page is an excellent way to build your business hub. EZEcommerce provides services as a LinkedIn business page management company, provisioning management services to many enterprise clients and B2B companies of all sizes.

We will help your brand to reach out to the database of 700 million members across 150 countries. Our services include:

  • High Value Content Research
  • Professional LinkedIn profile design
  • Social Media Calendar Development for task management 
  • Reporting on LinkedIn data analytics

The expert team knows all the ins and outs of LinkedIn page management that will take you on your way to success.




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